Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Uli Auliani Play Hot (Scandal) Scene

Uli Auliani Play Hot (Scandal) Scene – 1001zones, To become a famous movie star in Indonesia, Uli Auliani, as a newcomer, would not want to follow the trend that is being sold on the market the film industry today.
uli auliani akibat pergaulan bebas 300x200 Uli Auliani Play Hot (Scandal) SceneUli Auliani often prosecuted exciting scenes in his movies, including in the film ‘Scandal’ new movie will be produced by Multivision Plus Picture.
In the film director Jose Punomo this, Uli even more “hot”. Long haired girl is not just to look sexy and kiss on the cheek, but more than that he should do a scene kissing lips, dare to open-aperture, and the intimate scenes with co-star, Mario Lawalatta.
‘Scandal’ contains the story of a young mother named Mischa (played by Uli), which eventually involved the scandal with her former lover (played by Mario), after suspecting her husband (played by Mike Lucock) having an affair with his personal secretary.
“Thank God, I can keep the main role. However, my role here is more challenging because the story is ‘in’, I’ve never tasted. If practically challenging role, not because of open-opening or look sensuous. But, to serve as mothers, as wives, that challenge. I’m still single, no children, so complicated, “Uli said when met at the press conference at the Brew House scandal, Senayan City, on Monday (03/07/2011).


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